Our Story

Steph and Aaron in the workshop, 2012

We launched Cleanline Automotive in 2012. It’s been a heck-of-a road trip. What would a good road trip be without detours, steep climbs and hairpin turns? Yep, it’s been an exciting adventure. We’ve made some amazing friends along the way… and fixed a few cars too!

Some people call us hippie mechanics. We’ll take that as a compliment! Although we mostly refer to ourselves as Carhuggers! Either way, we are unconventional — and proud of it! We stand by our social and environmental values, striving to elevate the automotive repair industry as a whole. Peace, love and auto repair!

Thank you so much for supporting Cleanline and our mission to change our industry for the better, one car at a time.

We’re happy to have you join us on the road ahead.

Let’s roll.

Steph and Aaron

Our People

Just a bunch of car-huggers, doing what we do best!

Environmental Sustainability 

We’re Car-Huggers (tree huggers who love fixing cars!)

We’re blazing a trail that’s clean and green by being a positive force for change in a dirty industry.

Ahhhhhh, don’t you just love the smell of fresh mountain air? We do too. But the air can’t stay fresh if your car is spurting out all kinds of unnecessary junk into the atmosphere. We work with you to keep ol’ faithful running clean and green. And guess what else? Breakdowns are expensive. Preventative maintenance is not only good for the environment, but good for the wallet, too!

We’re constantly working to lower our impact on the environment and save you money over the long term, whether it’s researching biodegradable solvents or improving our systems to reduce waste. Here are a few of our environmental initiatives:

Hybrid and EV specialists

We love hybrids and EV’s! Our technicians have successfully completed industry-leading training to become Certified Hybrid and EV Technicians.

Eco-friendly solvents and cleaners

Chemicals are yuck. We’re always on the prowl for cleaner, more natural products, from non-toxic degreaser to biodegradable gloves.

Re-refined oil

We offer EcoPower oil, recycled and refined from reclaimed motor oil. It protects your engine and the environment and meets or exceeds the toughest North American standards for engine protection. Compared to conventional motor oil, it takes up to 85% less energy to produce EcoPower.

Bulk oil and washer fluid

Plastic is yucky. By purchasing our oil and washer fluid in bulk, we can keep hundreds of plastic jugs out of the waste system.

Lead-free wheel weights

A major source of lead pollution comes from lead wheel weights falling off of cars and trucks and landing in our streams and waterways. That’s bad news for critters and humans alike. We are committed to using 100% non-lead wheel weights.

Green tires

Regardless of the source of fuel (gasoline, ethanol, diesel or hybrid), energy is needed to keep your vehicle moving forward. Tire rolling resistance can be lowered by optimizing a tire’s weight, internal structure, tread design and tread compound, making it possible to reduce fuel consumption, CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions. That’s just how we roll. Ask us about greener tire options for your car!

Biodegradable parts washer

We have the coolest parts washer. Instead of using varsol (skull and crossbones, yuck!) like a standard parts washer, our BioCircle parts washer utilizes a biodegradable solution that smells like green apples. Yum! It’s effective and it’s safe.

$1 from every oil change donated to environmental conservation

Every time we change the oil in a vehicle, we donate $1 to local environmental conservation initiatives, protecting our wild places for generations to come!

Education and proactive maintenance

We believe in education and proactive maintenance, because a well-maintained vehicle is considerably less harmful to the environment than a sad, neglected one. We can all be a little greener, just by taking really good care of our cars.

Community involvement 

We love our community! We support a number of local organizations and events, including Wildsight, Lake Windermere Ambassadors, Nature Conservancy of Canada, Wings Over The Rockies, Columbia Valley Food Bank and the Nipika Race Series. We donate $1 for every oil change to local environmental initiatives. 


Curious about car care?

Our popular, hands-on ‘Gals & Gears’ workshops teach women about basic car maintenance. You’ll learn how to prepare your car for winter driving, how to change a flat tire and what to check before embarking on a long road trip in the mountains. Check engine light? We’ll teach you how to identify all those little indicator lights and what they mean. Looking to host a workshop? We can put together a custom workshop for your group. Ask us about our fun and interactive workshops!

We will be hosting some Electric Vehicle events in 2021! Stay tuned! 


Do you love cars, human beings and planet earth? Then we want to hear from you!

We’re always on the lookout for people to join our team! Current opportunities are posted on our careers page.

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