Our fleet program

Thank you for considering Cleanline Automotive to care for your fleet!

We’re on a mission to change our industry for the better — one car at a time! Whether you run an entire business or lead a small team in your organization, your work is making a difference in the world — and time is your most valuable asset. Our job is to keep your vehicles running smoothly, so you can get back to doing what you do best! 

Hybrid conversions for fleets

Do you want to reduce CO2 and reduce fuel costs? We can convert your fleet vehicles to hybrid or plug-in hybrid. How cool is that?! We are a certified installer for XL Fleet. Want to know more about how fleet conversion can help your bottom line and the planet? Contact us, we would love to talk.

The following is an outline of what Cleanline Automotive offers our fleets:

Priority scheduling

We prioritize your vehicles to get you back behind the wheel as soon as possible.

Competitive rates

You’re a VIF (Very Important Fleet). With Cleanline, you’ll get the best bang for your buck. We offer competitive rates as well as 30-day payment terms. 


Typically, commercially used parts only carry a 90-day warranty. But we’re not typical! We offer our awesome Cleanline Warranty to our commercial clients. We stand behind our work, with an in-house warranty of one year or 20,000 kilometres (whichever comes first).

Quality parts

We don’t gamble with your assets. Our parts are sourced from reputable suppliers and are chosen based on quality, price and availability. Using quality parts means fewer break downs, reducing the chances of experiencing lost time due to part failure. We procure the best parts for your vehicles, at the best possible price. 

Customer service

Our Front Seat Drivers are friendly and knowledgeable (not to mention ridiculously good looking). We will consult you on all repairs and maintenance; prioritize needed repairs in order of safety and importance; provide detailed estimates before work is performed and never exceed the most current estimate. We will keep you up to speed as the job progresses, so you’re always in the loop. 

Real maintenance

Vehicle maintenance should always be based on the manufacturer’s recommended intervals, using specified fluids and parts. This ensures that your factory warranty remains valid. Once your vehicle is out of the warranty period, we continue to use the manufacturer’s specifications as a maintenance guideline, ensuring your vehicles live happily ever after (or at least for a very long time!).  

Tire storage

Tire storage is available upon request. Let your tires relax during the off-season in our dry, secure tire hotel. Our tire guests receive priority appointments for tire changeover in the spring and fall.

Community engagement

We’re grateful for the opportunity to do business in such a beautiful place! We want to give back to our community as much as we can. We offer women’s Gals & Gears automotive workshops with proceeds to charity. We also support many organizations and initiatives in our community, with a special dedication to environmental sustainability, athletics, arts, women and families. 

Environmental Sustainability

We’re constantly working to reduce our impact on the environment, whether it’s researching biodegradable, non-toxic solvents or improving our systems to reduce waste. We’re car-huggers (definition: tree huggers who love fixing cars).

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